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"I enjoyed reading about Tim and Faith, stars committed to marriage and family—a refreshing change"
S. Adams
Sacramento, Calif.

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are adorable. I absolutely love them and admire their strong, passionate marriage and strong drive to be wonderful parents. Their daughters are very blessed. Tim and Faith are not only great country singers, they are great role models.
Anne Barry
Chicago, Ill.

Many heartfelt thanks for putting my "boyfriend" Tim on your cover. He is delicious. And his beautiful wife is so kind, I just can't be jealous of her—okay, maybe a little. Thanks for making this mom's heart flutter.
Melissa LaBare
Wappingers Falls, N.Y.

I felt like it was me and my husband giving that interview. I can relate with Faith when it comes to Tim not picking up after himself. And my husband always complains that I take too long to get ready. It's about time a celebrity couple gets recognition for enduring the hardships and struggles of marriage.
Jescha McIntosh
Lompoc, Calif.

I hadn't read more than half the article before I was already sick of Tim's all too frequent "guy" justification for being inconsiderate, lazy and selfish. If everyone stopped picking up the clothes he dropped on the floor, it's a safe bet his response would be to go out and buy more. Faith, I hope you take this opportunity to teach your girls what is unacceptable in a man.
Linda M. Burel
Sparks, Nev.


I couldn't believe PEOPLE again this week ran another blurb about Star Jones Reynolds and her overblown ego. Wake up, Star, and realize that most of us work for all we get and can't have extravagant weddings because we don't get freebies. Perhaps The View will be even better now that we don't have to listen to her constant interruptions.
Martha Fleming
Aurora, Colo.


I was disgusted to read about Lauren Cohen, the 59-year-old who had twins. It's so irresponsible. These poor children won't know their mother very long and will have to constantly correct people when they assume she is their grandmother. How selfish. She already had a 27-year-old and is apparently not happy with that. Shame on Lauren, her doctors who allowed this, and her family members who didn't try to stop her.
Laura Duell
Lansing, Mich.


No Hollywood hookup has warmed my heart like that of Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy. These two hilarious souls go together like peanut butter and jelly. I couldn't be happier for them.
Victoria Berry
Seaside, Calif.


It's great to know that there are others out there who've dealt with bad bosses. When I told my boss I was pregnant and due in November, she stood up, screamed at me and actually accused me of doing it on purpose to ruin her Thanksgiving!
Name withheld
via e-mail


Readers came down on both sides about our story reporting the possible reasons why Mary Winkler, the Tennessee mother of three, shot and killed her minister husband as he lay asleep in bed. "She is not unique being in a marriage with financial stress or a critical husband," writes Candace Cummings of Columbus, Ohio. "She had plenty of choices: separation, counseling, even divorce." Others feel the situation isn't so black and white. "I was married to a minister, and when I divorced him people thought I was selfish," writes an anonymous reader from La Mesa, Calif. "Unless we actually live in another family's home, we really have no clue what goes on there."

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