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Taking on gritty roles has earned Rosario Dawson a bit of a tough-girl rep. "I was at a comic book convention, and this guy comes up to me and says, 'You seem really nice. How were you so mean in Sin City?' I told him, 'It's just a job!'" The native New Yorker, 27, who's now starring as an outspoken fast food manager in Clerks II, even catches flack from her dad. "[He] calls me up because I was on something like E!'s Top 100 list and he says, 'You were right next to Pam Anderson—I was so proud!' And I'm like, 'Thanks, Dad.' Then he says, 'They said you were really sexy, but kind of scary.' I was like, 'Right on!'"

"When I first became single I was like, 'I can't wait to get married again.' And then I was like, 'Wait, I kind of like being single.' Now all I want to [do is] have children. I'm working on myself and am trying to be a good person so I'll attract a good person"
—JOHN STAMOS, who will be a regular on ER's 13th season, on life since his 2005 divorce from actress Rebecca Romijn


Turns out Owen Wilson isn't acting in You, Me and Dupree—he really can be an eternal houseguest. "I went to visit Woody Harrelson and his family in Hawaii. I was scheduled to stay four days, and I stayed four weeks. By the end, his wife was like, 'Hey, do you need a ride to the airport today?'"

"I was on tour with R. Kelly and I had on this really dope shirt—it was netted and knotted and had holes in it—and there were large screens onstage, so I'm up there rockin' and singing and I'm getting extra applause; I'm like, 'I'm doing good! But where is this extra applause coming from?' The hole had slipped its way [onto my boob]. I looked at the screen and was like, 'Aaaahhhh!'"
—ASHANTI, currently starring in the comedy John Tucker Must Die, on a memorable wardrobe malfunction

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