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Katie Holmes
Since Holmes was spotted earlier this month in Milan wearing a tight-fitting skirt that some believed revealed a baby bump, there has been speculation—denied by her reps—that Suri is getting a sibling

In a season filled with celebrity pregnancy rumors, Katie Holmes has emerged as the latest star whose tummy has come under scrutiny. Along with spotty public appearances while Tom Cruise films Valkyrie in Germany, Holmes surfaced at Milan's Armani Junior store wearing a fitted skirt that some media suggested accentuated a baby bump. Subsequent photos of Katie donning a baby doll dress also fueled speculation. But Holmes's rep tells Scoop, "She isn't pregnant." Still Holmes, who gave birth to Suri in April 2006, told Entertainment Tonight this past June, "Yes, definitely," when asked about having more kids. And in the March 2007 Harper's Bazaar, Holmes said she "definitely" wants more children. But for now, Holmes has one definitive delivery—her comedy Mad Money arrives at theaters Jan. 18.

Britney Spears

As Britney Spears cruised around town with her two sons on Oct. 16, she was the model-perfect mom and driver. While Preston, 2, and Jayden James, 1, napped safely strapped in the backseat, the now-licensed Spears drove through Santa Monica with her court-appointed monitor in the front seat—and didn't smoke once in front of the kids. Just the day before, a "cooperative" Spears, 25, was booked and released from Van Nuys, Calif., jail for her two driving-related misdemeanor charges. With a little bit of drama behind her, Spears can now focus her attention on the bumpy road ahead: her ongoing custody battle with Kevin Federline. Though she's been mum on the subject, the singer seems to make her feelings of betrayal clear in a track from her upcoming album Blackout, due Oct. 30. According to a source, "one of the most personal songs," written by Pharrell Williams and called "Why Should I Be Sad," references money, cars—and other women. In one part she sings, "It just seemed that Vegas/Only brought the playa out of you."

Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan is back in L.A. after a two-month-long stay at Utah's Cirque Lodge. But is she back on track? A checklist of what Lindsay needs to do to stay clean and sober.

Steer clear of the final L.A. Fashion Week bashes on Oct. 19. Catch a movie.

Check! On Oct. 15 Lindsay attended an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting in L.A.

"Lindsay's gotten rid of the people who were bad influences," says a source.

She's now in L.A. to shoot the film Dare to Love Me.

Not quite there yet: She's dating fellow Cirque alum Riley Giles.


Valerie Bertinelli joins The Rachael Ray Show as a special contributor Oct. 23. Her first assignment is easy: a visit to her beloved Saints' stadium in New Orleans. "It's a girls' guide to football." Although Bertinelli, 47, brings her gumbo recipe, she'll leave most food prep to Ray. "She is God's gift to cooking." In return she has a treat for Ray, a music fan. "I'm hoping to take her when my son [Wolfie, 16, currently a bassist with his dad's band Van Halen] plays Madison Square Garden." Ray should bring tissues. "I can't wear makeup because I cry during the entire thing," explains Bertinelli.


Former cohosts Star Jones and Barbara Walters got together for breakfast at the Carlyle hotel in Manhattan on Oct. 10. It's the first time Jones has spoken to her old boss since her hasty exit last year. But no worries. "It was all friendly," a source tells Scoop.

Carrie Underwood's

Country crooner Carrie Underwood, who has been linked to NFL star Tony Romo, may be on the rebound: with Gossip Girl hottie Chace Crawford, 22. The pair stopped by Manhattan's Marquee nightclub Oct. 12, followed by a visit to Rose Bar the next night. "At one point they were holding hands," says an eyewitness. Is it love? Underwood's rep declined to comment, but the singer, 24, recently told Scoop, "He's got cool hair, he's a nice height, and he has beautiful blue eyes."

Will & Kate

On Oct. 13 Kate Middleton joined boyfriend Prince William and his father, Prince Charles, for a spirited day of deer hunting at Balmoral estate in Scotland. Middleton's presence at the stag hunting expedition has sparked widespread speculation among royal watchers that a royal engagement isn't far off. (The antihunting lobby, though, was more concerned about a rifle-toting Middleton killing animals.)

The outing was considered by some in Britain as part of an initiation into the rarefied world of the royal family. "The fact that Charles was there with her says a lot," admits a family friend. "She gets along well with Charles." But a Buckingham Palace source scoffs at the engagement rumors, "[The trip] doesn't mean anything." The Palace refused to comment on the outing, maintaining it was a private activity. Meanwhile, Prince William is slated to kick off a four-month tour of duty in January with the Royal Air Force, followed by a stint with the Royal Navy—making it that much harder for the couple to tie the knot anytime soon.


Dirty Sexy Money's Samaire Armstrong, 26, has entered an "outpatient facility to deal with some personal issues," her rep revealed Oct. 12. "She continues to work on her show." Armstrong's friends are rooting for her. "You'll never find a girl stronger than Samaire," former manager Loch Powell tells Scoop. "She'll pull through."


Samantha Harris hardly missed a beat after the birth of her daughter Josselyn on Sept. 23. The DWTS cohost is back at the mic, leaving some fans longing for Drew Lachey, who subbed for Harris while she was on maternity leave....




The former child actor leaves the comforts of Hollywood behind to play Alaskan adventurer Chris McCandless in Into the Wild


To play Into the Wild's doomed adventurer, he costarred with a grizzly and skinned a moose carcass. Emile Hirsch, 22, tells PEOPLE's Alexis Chiu about some of the film's other challenges, from losing 41 lbs. to no-nonsense direction—and the occasional haircut—from Sean Penn.

You shed a quarter of your weight for this role?
I lost 25 lbs. just to get in shape to play the part, the rest while we were shooting.

How'd you gain it back?
Just normal food—and candy. For some reason I fell in love with Take 5s.

In the film you brave the Colorado River in a kayak. How did you prepare?
I didn't really have any experience. Sean [Penn] took me to this massive rapid and was like, 'This is what you're gonna do.' He did it first—and he wiped out. I just got into the kayak and went for it. The adrenaline was pumping.

Next you shot Speed Racer [due in spring '08].
I went from mountaintops and fresh air for eight months to a green screen in Germany for three. I didn't have one scene outside!

The best thing about working with Sean was ...
Learning from him. Hoping that some of his magic would rub off on me.

And the toughest thing?
Living up to his expectations. He demands the best out of everyone. It was very hard but so rewarding.

Down to your grooming?
He was very particular about my hair. Sometimes he'd grab the scissors and just start cutting.

Has he given you a trim since shooting wrapped?
[Laughing] No. He's resisted the urge, I'm sure.

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