Bill Nye's Ex: I Only Meant to Hurt His Flowers

Bill Nye's Ex: I Only Meant to Hurt His Flowers
Byron Purvis/AdMedia

11/20/2007 04:15PM

The ex-lover of TV's Bill Nye, the Science Guy, apologized in legal documents for poisoning his rose garden with weed killer.

Blair Tindall, a musician and author, also seeks to have a restraining order against her lifted, according to the documents filed Nov. 14 and posted by The Smoking Gun.

"I am terribly sorry for what I did," Tindall said, adding she had recovered from what she called the heartbreak caused by Nye and sought counseling. "I have never done anything like it, and never will again."

In the documents, Tindall, 47, stated she believed Nye had tricked her into a "false marriage" after they met in Sept. 2005.

Emotional Cruelty Claim

Her attack on Nye's garden was "a result of the emotional cruelty that he inflicted upon me ... I had a temporary lapse of judgment and damaged his flowers only."

Although they married in L.A. in Feb. 2006, their marriage license was soon returned as invalid (a reason was not stated).

Nye, 52, then allegedly ordered Tindall not to move into a $1 million Studio City, Calif. home they were purchasing together.

Tindall says she became enraged after seeing Nye on a TV show on Sept. 3 in which he apparently stated that his life would be perfect "if only he had a woman with whom to share the house."

That night, Tindall entered his yard and dumped the contents of one bottle of weed killer on his roses so that Nye "couldn't give another woman the flowers that I had cared for," she wrote in court papers.

She explained that she'd been emotionally distressed over their breakup, a recent car accident, and the death of her father.

Tindall says she'd also found a piece of paper written by Nye which said that Tindall "wasn't beautiful enough, athletic enough, or a good enough dancer. Now she has fallen for me (as they always do)."

Tindall also pointed out that Nye misspelled her name (with one "L") in his restraining order request, and got several other basic details about her wrong, including her eye color and birth year.

A hearing in the matter is set for Dec. 20.

Lawyers for both sides had no comment.

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