Writers Guild: Jay Leno Violated Rules

Writers Guild: Jay Leno Violated Rules
Jay Leno
Margaret Norton/NBC

01/03/2008 AT 06:50 PM EST

The Writers Guild is not laughing about Jay Leno's return to NBC's Tonight Show Wednesday night.

"A discussion took place today between Jay Leno and the Writers Guild to clarify to him that writing for The Tonight Show constitutes a violation of the Guilds' strike rules," the Guild said in a statement Thursday.

Although Leno isn't using any writers, he's listed as one of the show's scribes and is a member of the WGA.

David Letterman and his company, Worldwide Pants, struck a deal with the WGA to allow the writers to come back to work. Leno's show, which is owned by NBC, is subject to different negotiations.
Karen Salkin

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