updated 12/05/2005 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 12/05/2005 AT 01:00 AM EST

Cool Jeans, Hot Party

Wondering what Young Hollywood's It couples are up to? At LAX in Hollywood Nov. 16. the answers came with a glance around the room as A-listers descended upon Scott Sartiano's Svedka Vodka-fueled launch of Genetic Denim, Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson spent most of the night sitting three feet apart while Jess, sans wedding ring, laughed it up with Eva Mendes. (Just hours before, the two seemed more friendly at a Gucci party, where Jessica did wear her ring and Nick playfully patted her backside.) Earlier in the evening Justin Timberlake partied solo at an Xbox 360 bash while Cameron Diaz grabbed a mojito with a girlfriend at Asia de Cuba. But the couple met up at LAX, where they sat close and giddily chatted away. Cameron teased Justin while he grooved to Michael Jackson, and then the two left hand-in-hand. Across the way Nicole Richie stood on her seat to flash a grin at her hardworking fiancé DJ AM. Eve, John Stamos and Chris Rock were also in the house, as was an uncharacteristically somber Lindsay Lohan. She confided to me that a close friend of hers had just passed away, and she was trying not to think about it for a few hours. Yet while she danced from time to time, and even made a beeline for Prince when he turned up, she couldn't seem to shake her sadness. Finally around 2 a.m. she spoke to her ex, Wilmer Valderrama—even though they haven't been friendly since they broke up one year ago. Listening intently, Wilmer took Lindsay's hand and guided her out a back door as the lights came up and the club cleared.

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