Girls Gone Wild Founder Joe Francis Leaves Jail

Girls Gone Wild Founder Joe Francis Leaves Jail
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03/10/2008 AT 05:15 PM EDT

After more than nine months, Girls Gone Wild founder Joe Francis is leaving a Nevada jail to face off in longstanding legal battle with the state officials in Florida.

"Today I posted my bond in Reno so that I can immediately return to Florida to face the charges against me," Francis said in a statement.

Francis, 34, has been stuck in a legal tug of war between federal authorities in Nevada and state attorneys in Florida. He has been unable to leave the Nevada jail, where he faces federal tax evasion charges without the prospect of returning to Florida. The charges in Florida stem from an alleged filming of underage girls in there Panama City. Francis claims that the girls in question lied about their age.

His lawyer, who presented the court in Reno with a $1.5 million cashier's check to cover Francis' bail, told a federal judge that Francis will appear in a Panama City, Fla., courtroom on Wednesday try to resolve the charges there.
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