Steve-O Tells Friends: I'm Paying for My Self-Destructive Behavior

Steve-O Tells Friends: I'm Paying for My Self-Destructive Behavior
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03/14/2008 AT 05:00 PM EDT

Jackass's Steve-O, who is currently hospitalized, poured his heart out to friends in an e-mail Friday – saying that "I did a great deal of damage to my brain" with drugs and "now that they've all worn off, I'm facing the consequences."

The star (real name: Stephen Glover), known for outlandish stunts and reckless behavior, revealed in stark terms how he landed in the hospital on a 72-hour psychiatric hold – which he now says has been extended another 14 days.

"I suppose it is an ironic 'eye for an eye' situation that I am in, coping with the lowest 'lows' that I've ever experienced – as a form of punishment for the emotional distress that I have put my loved ones through with the self-destructive behavior that led me here," he wrote. (Read the complete e-mail here.)

Confirming that he is "really in the looney bin," Steve-O writes that he initially believed that "I am an extraordinarily 'tough' individual [and] I could handle it, and my legacy would be comprised of only that which could be described as 'intense.'"

But he now realizes his behavior, specifically his drug abuse – which was documented in a shocking YouTube video circulating around the Web – "was a bunch of manic bull---- that made little-to-no sense and, furthermore, was devastating to those who love me the most."

Closing his note with a maxim he attributes to himself ("Be real careful, don't misbehave...That's all you gotta know to be saved..."), the reality star encourages friends to share his e-mail widely, signing off, "I love you all."

Several friends have followed up with immediate concern. Rocker Tommy Lee wrote back to the mass e-mail chain, asking, "You ok dude!?!?!......"

Read Steve-O's Complete E-mail to Friends >

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