Ashley Found in Girls Gone Wild Video Vault

Ashley Found in Girls Gone Wild Video Vault
Ashley Dupre in Girls Gone Wild video
Courtesy Mantra Films

03/18/2008 AT 08:40 PM EDT

Before she allegedly got a call from New York's governor, Ashley Dupré had gone wild.

In the video vaults of Girls Gone Wild is footage of an 18-year-old Dupré cavorting naked on the GGW bus and doing scenes with another woman in 2003, the video company announced Tuesday.

GGW found the footage – seven full tapes worth – after the company's CEO Joe Francis offered $1 million to Dupré to appear in one of his videos – an offer he promptly withdrew.

Francis will soon release a special video featuring Dupre, now 22, the alleged high-priced call girl linked to the downfall of Gov. Eliot Spitzer.

"I met her on spring break at the Girls Gone Wild beach house in April 2003," Francis tells PEOPLE. "She got into the Jacuzzi. ... She threw her arms around me. I never made the connection that this was Ashley. But my cameraman had been in touch with her for a while. I didn't make the connection until really recently. Then it was like: that's Ashley!"

As Francis told the Associated Press about that Eureka! moment: "It'll save me a million bucks. It's kind of like finding a winning lottery ticket in the cushions of your couch."

• Reporting by BRYAN ALEXANDER

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