Ashley: Why I Stripped for Girls Gone Wild

Ashley: Why I Stripped for Girls Gone Wild
Ashley Dupré in March 2003, in Miami
Richard Graulich/Palm Beach Post/ZUMA

03/20/2008 AT 04:05 PM EDT

Back in 2003, when she was a girl going wild, Ashley Alexandra Dupré explained why she decided to strip on camera.

"You might as well show off what you have before you don't have it any more!" the future alleged call girl told the Palm Beach Post in an interview unearthed this week.

After Dupré was linked to the downfall of New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer, videos of her spring break antics turned up in the vaults of Girls Gone Wild.

At the time, as far as GGW was concerned, she introduced herself as Amber, said she was 21 (in fact, she may have been 17) and was from New Jersey – though she had just worked as a waitress in North Carolina.

She also danced without her top at a party at Miami Beach's Chesterfield Hotel.

When asked at the time by a Post reporter about the party, she said: "It got crazy. It was everything you thought it would be. ... It's not stupid to do it (take off your clothes for GGW). It's all fun and games."

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