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originally published 04/28/2008 AT 01:00 AM EDT


"It was refreshing and useful to have stars of all ages, men and women, reveal their hot body tips"
Ania Duncan
Grand Haven, Mich.

It was reassuring to learn that celebrities like Penélope Cruz let themselves indulge and don't go diet crazy. I am now in treatment for an eating disorder and must learn how to allow myself an occasional treat without obsessing over it. After reading about some of my favorite stars and their indulgences, I feel I am now getting one step closer to a healthy diet and lifestyle. Thanks for the help.
Name Withheld
Rochester, N.Y.

Most of the working women that I know would find the tips from these hot-bodied stars to be of little merit. Only a dozen or so have children, and the majority are 20 to 35 years old. Their professions require that they work 24/7 on their bodies to stay on top. Most people have busy schedules, real-world jobs and children, who occupy their time and contribute to their lack of sleep. And they don't have stylists, cooks, trainers and nannies.
Jade Chapman
Walnut Creek, Calif.


Thank you for the story about Jake Glaser and his efforts for the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation. I heard him speak at the 2007 Dance Marathon at UC Berkeley to support the foundation and he was a true inspiration. He brought a face to the cause and he gave each of us hope that we could make a difference. His mother and sister would be very proud of him.
Jessica Ralphs
Newbury Park, Calif.

Jake Glaser is an awesome young man who has embraced his future with the help of his grounded and honest parents, Elizabeth and Paul Michael Glaser. He has inherited his mother's spirit and his father's courage. All of this has blended together to make him a truly remarkable person.
Rebecca Block
Delmont, Pa.


In his interview, Justin Chambers said he needed help for a sleep disorder, which was a very personal admission. I suffer from the same sleep disorder and have been hospitalized as well. Many people don't understand the inability to rest the mind and body. If you suffer from lack of sleep, get it checked out.
Melissa Seyfried
Las Vegas, Nev.


Good for Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson. They may find romance or renew a friendship. I think they're super and hope they finally have their priorities straight.
Peggy Shoulders
Hazelhurst, Wis.


Readers were deeply moved by our story about Alferd Williams, who is learning to read at the age of 70. "I cried as I read this wonderful article," writes Lisa Lightbody of Port Orchard, Wash. "I was reminded of just how strong the human spirit is." Kelly Miller of Houston had a similar response. "Never in my life has a story touched me so profoundly as this one," she writes. "Alferd may be poor in material terms, but he is truly enriched with hope, pride and character." Williams' teacher at Edison Elementary School in St. Joseph, Mo., also garnered praise for her efforts. "There are two heroes in this article," says Karen Henning of Brunswick Hills, Ohio. "Bless Alesia Hamilton for making such a huge difference in her student's life." Williams' quest inspired some readers to take immediate action. "I had always thought about signing up as a tutor but never got around to it," writes Kate Larkin Hall of Media, Pa. "As soon as I finished this story, I volunteered to work at my local literacy organization. Hats off to Alferd—he's done more for his young classmates (and me) than he realizes."

In our March 24 issue, we misspelled the name of actress Stacy Keibler. In our April 21 issue, on page 106, we incorrectly identified the girl pictured with Olivia Newton-John and Matthew Lattanzi as their daughter Chloe. The photo shows Veronica Sinclair, a friend of Chloe's.

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