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Kate Hudson & Owen Wilson

KATE HUDSON and OWEN WILSON'S on-again, off-again romance has reared its head again. The pair, who rekindled their relationship in March in Miami where Wilson was filming Marley & Me, were spotted last weekend in Boston, where Hudson arrived on-set April 7 to film Bride Wars. The actress, 29, took Wilson, 39, to her favorite Boston haunts, including Beacon Hill's Upper Crust pizza joint April 12. "They weren't lovey-dovey, just normal," says a staffer. The next day they had brunch at the Paramount restaurant, followed by a late lunch. Despite any obvious PDAs, the pair's connection is undeniable, says a Wilson source. "Whether it stays romantic or they end up just friends, they want to be in each other's lives."


With her social calendar limited to visits with the kids, workouts and low-key dinners, Britney Spears, 26, has been indulging in some vehicular rebellion. On April 8 the pop star drove aimlessly for 300 miles; on other days she's driven her favorite hour-and-a-half loop from Beverly Hills to her old Malibu stomping grounds. All was well until the night of April 12, when she collided into a car after failing "to observe the vehicle directly ahead of her come to a complete stop" per a police report. Thankfully no one was harmed and little damage was done. "These minor fender benders happen a hundred times a day on the streets of L.A.," a source says. "She acted responsibly, made sure her information was exchanged and dealt with it appropriately."

Marilyn Monroe


Decades before Pam Anderson and Paris Hilton became synonymous with racy sex tapes, Marilyn Monroe herself starred in an explicit film made in the 1950s. The 15-minute, black-and-white silent video—during which Monroe is shown performing a sex act on an unidentified male—was recently sold to an unidentified businessman, who shelled out $1.5 million, says Keya Morgan, the collector who brokered the sale. The buyer intends to keep it private, he says. Then-FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover thought the man was President John F. Kennedy, but the man's face isn't visible.

Tyra Goes Green

Leonardo DiCaprio's got a fierce new neighbor: Sources say Tyra Banks, 34, just dropped approximately $5 million for a bamboo-floored condominium at Riverhouse, the eco-friendly N.Y.C. building where Leo already owns a pad. (And Cameron Diaz has looked at the building too.)

Kirsten Dunst

Kirsten Dunst, 25, checked out of Cirque Lodge treatment center in Utah for undisclosed issues in late March. The Spider-Man starlet's latest stop on the road to recovery? N.Y.C., where she's filming All Good Things, opposite Ryan Gosling, 27. In fact, a source says, Dunst has bought a Tribeca apartment and is "settling in quite nicely ... more stable than I remember her pre-rehab. She was so drained and empty before."

Jessica & Cash

NBA star Baron Davis, 29, and his longtime pal Cash Warren, 31, have two bundles of joy to look forward to. On top of the baby girl Warren is expecting with fiancée Jessica Alba, 26, the men just launched the Web site, where users can create online competitions for anything. But fatherhood and impending marriage is Warren's main purpose, says Davis: "[Cash] has found true love and is happy each and every day with Jessica."

Luke MacFarlane

Brothers & Sisters hottie Luke MacFarlane, whose character will marry his partner during next month's season finale, has acknowledged that he is gay himself. "From a standing outside perspective, and also as someone who is gay, I think that it's a very exciting time," MacFarlane, 28, told Canada's Globe and Mail newspaper April 15. "How exciting that we're saying, 'This can be part of the cultural fabric now,' because it's two series regulars ... that you invite into your home ... every week. It's telling of the beginning of more waves, and I'm very proud of that."


Michael Johns

He was this season's Chris Daughtry: a rocker favorite kicked off too soon. But Johns, 29, tells Scoop that life after Idol keeps rockin' on. "I was depressed—just bummed," he says of his surprise ouster. "But now I'm totally at peace, seeing the response from the public." And even celebs are chiming in, he says: Fellow Aussies Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban said "they watched every week and I was their favorite. That was completely surreal!"

Paula's Sisterly Advice to Ryan

Paula Abdul is carefully monitoring "SeaMonkey"—a.k.a. the blossoming relationship between Ryan Seacrest, 33, and actress Sophie Monk, 28. "I'm being an overprotective sister," Abdul said at designer Jonathan Cheban's Kritik party at Lisa Kline in Beverly Hills April 10. "Hopefully it will work. She's beautiful but I hope she's kind!" Still, Abdul's happy Seacrest is meeting new people. "It's hard to make time when you're a professional, but he's got to meet someone other than Simon [Cowell], that's for sure!"


It's been a rough week for Project Runway judge Nina Garcia, who left her job as fashion director at Elle. "We are discussing a new relationship with Nina," says a magazine rep. (A source close to Garcia, 42, tells Scoop, "She was pushed out.") Is Garcia's Runway gig in jeopardy? Bravo says she's safe for season 5, slated for July, but for future seasons set to air on Lifetime (Bravo's parent company NBC Universal is contesting the move), a rep for show owner the Weinstein Co. says, "We're in negotiations—and they're going well."




Project Runway winner Christian Siriano, 22, was famously spoofed on SNL by Amy Poehler, but now he's playing himself on an episode of Ugly Betty (airing May 1 on ABC). He told Scoop of the show's cast: "They're as fierce and ferocious as can be!"

A guide to celeb couples who crave—or dodge—attention


From their well-documented mega-wedding at an Italian castle to their regular date nights in Beverly Hills and frequent sideline appearances at Cruise's children's soccer and football games, it's clear they aren't camera-shy.

They rarely miss a chance to pose and are even more visible in a stadium, where Posh brings the kids to watch Daddy play. "I have never complained about [fame]," Victoria told British Vogue.


Beyoncé Knowles & JAY-Z
The newlyweds hardly ever appear on the red carpet together and often leave restaurants through separate exits—they haven't even publicly admitted they're married!

Bennifer II they're not. "We have worked really hard not to be one of those couples who are in the limelight ... so we refuse to walk the red carpet together," Garner told Glamour last year. "It's a way of not condoning the attention."


After dating Brad Pitt, Paltrow keeps her love life private. "You will never see us out publicly," she said in the May issue of British Glamour. "We just don't want to be one of those couples."

They're not hiding, but they definitely don't court the cameras. Gyllenhaal is known to walk backwards to keep from being pictured next to Witherspoon, and "she's really shy about attention she and Jake have been getting," a pal said last year when they first started dating.

Kristen Bell
The multitasking actress discusses the joys of fake sex scenes and working in her pj's


Forgetting Sarah Marshall is your first foray into comedy. Were you nervous?
I had one callback and then I got cast. My immediate reaction was, "They made a mistake—I don't think I can hang in this group!" I love improv, but I didn't know that I had the confidence to take on something like that.

And then you found yourself staging scenes on-set having sex in yoga positions!
When I met [costar] Russell [Brand], they were like, "Okay, come up with eight different yoga positions to have sex in." We came up with the most awkward positions possible and made it as fun as we couId.

And then before you knew it, you were faking orgasms too.
I'm concerned about my father seeing it. I want to cover his eyes. I know exactly what he'll say: "You did a verrrrry nice job, kid."

Did you get in a lot of tanning while shooting the film in Hawaii for two months?
I try to stay out of the sun. Jergens has a natural glow product that I use. When I was little ... my mom was always slathering me in sunscreen.

Are you returning to Heroes?
I think that I am. I have had so much fun working with them.

And you're back as Gossip Girl's narrator. How's that?
It's really fun. I've always dreamed of a job that I could do in my pajamas!

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