Josh Groban on John Mayer's Sex Appeal: He's Got 'Tude

Josh Groban on John Mayer's Sex Appeal: He's Got 'Tude
Josh Groban (left) and John Mayer
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05/19/2008 AT 07:15 AM EDT

Josh Groban has a theory about why his pal John Mayer manages to date such beautiful women – you know, like Jessica Simpson, Minka Kelly and his current squeeze, Jennifer Anniston.

"John's got a swagger that I've noticed," Groban said before his concert with Mayer and Alicia Keys at the MGM Grand Foxwoods opening in Connecticut on Saturday. "He's got a ‘tude that I have to try and learn how to get. It's that 'I may talk to you, I may not talk to you,' kind of thing."

Plus, added Groban: "It doesn't hurt to play the electric guitar."

Mayer, however, brushed off questions about being a chick magnet.

"I don't have a secret," he insisted. "I don't think about it like that. I think about it as just being nice. All you have to do is just be polite and treat people really well." (He also declined to discuss his recent PDA spree with Aniston.)

Keys, a longtime Mayer pal, brought a female perspective to the debate. "I think what's sexy about John is his intelligence. He's very smart; he's not like an average kind of guy," she explained. "He's creative. He plays the guitar – there's a certain natural sensuality that comes from that. He's also a great, great guy."

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