Christie Brinkley Hopes and Prays for Settlement

Christie Brinkley Hopes and Prays for Settlement
Christie Brinkley with lawyer Robert Cohen
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07/09/2008 AT 02:15 PM EDT

Christie Brinkley says that when it comes to a possible settlement in her nasty divorce case, "It's what I hope and pray for."

The supermodel, her eyes filled with tears, made the comment outside the courtroom Wednesday as her custody battle with estranged husband Peter Cook took an hours-long recess. Lawyers declined comment on the record but were seen furiously conferring with one another.

Still, the trial went on without any settlement Wednesday. After the recess, Brinkley's side called her children's piano teacher, Christine Glennon, to the stand. She testified that Brinkley is a "kind, warm mother who taught the children respect and is a stickler about their manners."

The head of the children's private school also testified, saying that both Brinkley and Cook are active, hands-on parents.

After court ended for the day, Brinkley declined to comment. When Cook was asked on the way out whether a settlement was near, he said, "I don't know. Do you know something I don't?"
Stephen M. Silverman and Kathy Ehrich Dowd

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