Brooke White Hates David Archuleta? LOL

Brooke White Hates David Archuleta? LOL
Matt Sayles/AP

07/18/2008 AT 05:00 PM EDT

You can't believe everything you see – or don't see – on MySpace, says American Idol's Brooke White, who blames a technical glitch for the absence of David Archuleta as a "friend" on her page.

"Don't fret, my dears, David is one of my favorite people on the planet!!!" she writes. "Rest assured, we all are all super-duper friends, like family, actually, enjoying this tour together."

The 25-year-old fifth-place finalist on last season's show says only a technical issue has kept 17-year-old runner-up "Archie" from showing up on her "top friends" box. Both are now on an American Idol tour of the U.S. with the other contestants.

"It's been driving me crazy ... and so after going on a search through hundreds of pages of friends ... I still can't find Archie's official page ... along with a few other Idol contestant friends of mine!" White writes. "In time, I will work it out, when I have few spare moments while on the road!"

White says she's amazed it even became an issue among some fans.

"It's kinda funny, and/or interesting how seriously people take this MySpace thing," she writes. "I can't believe I'm even writing a blog about this, LOL!!!"
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