Naomi Campbell's Girl-Talk with Victoria Beckham

Naomi Campbell's Girl-Talk with Victoria Beckham
Naomi Campbell and Victoria Beckham
Richard Young/REX

07/22/2008 AT 09:10 AM EDT

Supermodel Naomi Campbell, who was sentenced for air-rage in June, has revealed the secret to surviving her troubles – B.F.F. Victoria Beckham.

"When I was going through my hard time recently she was immediately on the phone, asking me how I was doing and saying, 'I hope you're well,' " Campbell, 38, revealed to Britain's Daily Mirror, which brought her on as a guest editor for its gossip column. "She was very sweet."

But their conversations are usually more comedy than drama.

"[We speak] pretty regularly about normal mundane stuff," Campbell said. "We share girl stuff and she is so funny – people just don't know her or get her."

The Daily Mirror's regular gossip columnists weren't taking any chances with Campbell around. They both wore helmets and hid their Blackberries. But Campbell – who has a long history of anger-management issues – played along, happily posing with the journalists.

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