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"Caylee's disappearance is deeply troubling. We can only pray that this little girl is somewhere safe"
Mary Harding
Atlanta, Ga.

I agree with the police; something isn't adding up. It's so sad that even though Casey had her parents' full support in helping to raise Caylee, things still turned out so horribly wrong. I truly hope that this girl is found alive. It's such a tragedy that people can be so careless with a beautiful little life.
Julie E. Ritsema
Wayne, N.J.

Cindy Anthony's instincts were right when she reported her granddaughter missing. Now she is supporting her daughter Casey. Her change of heart is what many parents would do as they cling to the hope that their daughter is innocent and granddaughter alive.
Beverly Hills, Mich.


I think what Christian Bale's mother and sister did was totally unforgivable. Regardless of what their argument was about, they clearly had him arrested out of spite. They knew how unwanted media attention would affect this very private man. What kind of a mother and sister would do this? Shame on Jenny and Sharon.
Linda Vail
Epping, N.H.


I was thrilled to see your article on Warren Boyd and his drug and alcohol interventions. When my sister battled a dangerous drug addiction three years ago, a family friend, whom Warren also helped, called him on her behalf. Warren was relentless in trying to help my sister, and I have no doubt he saved her life. She has been clean and healthy ever since. My family and I are eternally grateful for the gift he has given us.
Name Withheld
Chicago, Ill.


I'm a little tired of the articles about celebrities who lose all of their baby weight so soon after giving birth. I've had three children in seven years. I did not get fat, and I never had the help of nutritionists and personal trainers. Why is it assumed that women will become overweight after having children? Not everyone does, and it is no miracle that they don't.
Rebecca Bavely
Atlanta, Ga.


As we mourn the passing of the unforgettable Estelle Getty, we will always remember the wit and charm of this comic legend who was one of television's true golden girls.
Maria Palermo
Stamford, Conn.


Forget the Playboy pictures and rock-star romances; Pamela Anderson is one of the animal world's staunchest allies, and that's why I love her. Her work for PETA proves that it's what you do, not what people think of you, that counts. Pamela rocks!
Maggie Moore
Virginia Beach, Va.


Since The Last Lecture author Randy Pausch lost his battle with pancreatic cancer July 25, $110,000 has been donated to the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network ( in his name. "Randy always spoke of seeing the good in people, and in the outpouring of support since his death, we have been reminded again and again of that goodness," the Carnegie Mellon University professor's family tells PEOPLE. Barbara Roberts, a reader from Roeland Park, Kans., wrote, "Parents like me will be quoting him for the rest of our lives and hoping our children will listen."

In our Aug. 18 issue we should have said Real World alum Beth Stolarczyk is 39 years old. And the company she runs is Planet Beth, LLC. We regret the errors.

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