Trace Adkins: I Count My Blessings...

updated 09/10/2008 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 09/10/2008 AT 01:00 AM EDT

I'd have to go with all of my family first: my parents, my brother, wife and kids. They're all healthy, thank God. That's all I can ask for anymore.

I'm thankful for a good-sounding guitar, whether I'm playing it or not. I'm just thankful for guitars, period.

They've kept me and my family from starving to death. Every artist tends to think that their fans are the best fans. I wouldn't want to pit my fans against anybody else, but they are a very dedicated, loyal, militant group of people. They're driven to violence when I don't win an award that they think I should have won.

It is my couch in the psychiatrist's office. It keeps me from being on that couch. I get on that tractor, put a blade on it or a backhoe and lose myself in that simple task. It helps me to just dump my brain and work through a lot of things. It's very satisfying.

5. BEING TALL (HE'S 6' 6")
I can change a lightbulb without a ladder; I can reach most things. I can survey the crowd. I'm good at finding kids in crowded malls. The only drawback is flying and buying clothes. But I guess, for the most part, I'm thankful that I am tall.

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