VIDEO: Parachutist Lands Amazingly in Tree

09/04/2008 AT 08:45 AM EDT

With his near-disastrous free-fall captured on the camera attached to his helmet, a very lucky Hans Lange says he will jump again – after only breaking his leg while performing a death-defying jump down a mountainside in Romsdalen, Norway.

As the video footage vividly displays, Lange's chute failed to open, and he went tumbling over rocks before fortunately landing in a tree.

"I have never considered this as a last jump," the base-jumper said after his ordeal. "Lying there, floating along the mountain side, feeling the hairs stand in your neck, and you are in complete control. It's a wonderful feeling, and a feeling I seek and will always do."

Warning: Don't try this at home. Britain's Daily Telegraph soberly notes that since 1981, there have been at least 123 fatalities related to the sport.
Stephen M. Silverman

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