Meghan McCain Takes Personal Stand on Privacy

09/09/2008 AT 09:30 AM EDT

Despite the rigors of the campaign, which she chronicles on her McCain Blogette, a very poised and dynamic Meghan McCain appeared on Tuesday's Today show – and proved herself extremely media savvy at age 23.

"When I was 14 or 15," Meghan, the eldest daughter of Republican presidential candidate John McCain and wife Cindy, told Today's Meredith Vieira, "a reporter asked my father if I had been pregnant at 14, would he allow me to – how would he feel about me having an abortion. And my father said, it would be my own decision, and, obviously, that created controversy."

Her own reaction at the time, she recalled, was "I just can remember being 14 and seeing 'Meghan McCain Abortion' on the [news] crawl on CNN – those words together."

In Contrast with Bristol Palin

As for her reaction now, "I still think it's inappropriate, and for me, obviously with everything that's gone on with Bristol Palin, I just think privacy is privacy when it comes to family," she said.

Bristol Palin, the 17-year-old daughter of John McCain's running mate, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, is five-months pregnant and intends to marry boyfriend Levi Johnston, her family announced in a statement earlier this month.

Contrasting her current position with Bristol Palin's, McCain – an aspiring fashion designer who in 2004 registered as an independent and voted for Democrat John F. Kerry, she told the Los Angeles Times in February – declared, "In this setting, I have chosen to put myself out there. I write a blog. I am actively campaigning, so I am fair game."

Conversely, she said, "A child of 14, 15, a 17-year-old person, who is not actively campaigning, I don't feel is fair game."

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