Jordin Sparks Explains Her VMAs 'Slut' Comment

Jordin Sparks Explains Her VMAs 'Slut' Comment
Jordin Sparks
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09/10/2008 AT 04:40 PM EDT

Jordin Sparks doesn't regret defending the Jonas Brothers for wearing purity rings at MTV's Video Music Awards on Sunday – but now wishes she'd chosen her words more carefully.

During the show, Sparks – who wears a purity ring herself – called out host Russell Brand for mocking the trio's jewelry.

Sparks's original comment on live television was, "It's not bad to wear a promise ring because not everybody – guy or girl – wants to be a slut."

But now she's clarifying her remarks in a new interview with Entertainment Weekly. "I wish I would’ve worded it differently – that somebody who doesn’t wear a promise ring isn't necessarily a slut – but I can't take it back now," Sparks, 18, told the magazine.

"It was a split-second thing, and it came out kind of wrong. Still, I don't regret it."

The Season 6 American Idol winner tells EW she has no hard feelings toward Brand, whose purity ring jokes were a running theme throughout the broadcast. "I have nothing against him at all," she said.

The Jonas Brothers also said they aren't upset with Brand. "For us it's cool to see that he recognizes we are gentleman," Nick Jonas said Tuesday during an appearance on BBC Radio's Newsbeat program.

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