Good Charlotte Rocker 'Shocked – but Excited' by Baby News

Good Charlotte Rocker 'Shocked – but Excited' by Baby News
Billy Martin
Jean-Paul Aussenard/WireImage

09/12/2008 AT 08:00 PM EDT

Good Charlotte guitarist Billy Martin says everything froze the moment he found out his wife was pregnant with their first child, due in late January.

"We bought a pregnancy test without even stressing or sweating," says Martin, who married hairstylist Linzi on March 1, their eight-year dating anniversary. "She went to take it, I sat down at my desk, and two minutes later she came out and said, 'I'm pregnant!'

"All the sound in the world stopped for a minute. I was shocked – but excited," says Martin, 27, who announced the news on his blog last week. He and Linzi, 25, are planning an Alice's Adventures In Wonderland-themed nursery that they'll customize once they find out the baby's gender.

"If it's a girl, maybe more Alice-based, and if it's a boy, more Mad Hatter and Cheshire Cat," says Martin, who is drawing inspiration from Disney's Alice, vintage Lewis Carroll book illustrations, and the upcoming Tim Burton-helmed Alice film.

"We're not going to do anything dark and spooky that's going to scare the baby," says Martin with a laugh. "We want a lighter, happier version."

The guitarist – an accomplished painter and illustrator with his own T-shirt line, Level 27 – will also create some original artwork for his baby.

He says bandmate Joel Madden, who's dad to 8-month-old daughter Harlow with girlfriend Nicole Richie, has been a great source of advice.

"Joel says it's going to change my whole world, but fatherhood is the best thing that ever happened to him," says Martin. "He tells me not to stress out, and to try to take everything in stride and enjoy it because it's the coolest thing that can happen to you."

Next up for Martin: A remix album for Good Charlotte, and a children's book he wrote and illustrated called Damious McDreary: A Boy and his Bat, which will be released in fall 2009.

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