Victoria Beckham Admits to (Gasp!) Smiling

Victoria Beckham Admits to (Gasp!) Smiling
Victoria Beckham
Kaspar Noir/Patrick McMullan/Sipa

09/22/2008 AT 01:55 PM EDT

Beverly Hills life agrees with Victoria Beckham.

"I'm so content," she tells Britain's Sun, "I've even been smiling a bit these days."

That's not the only surprise to which she admits. Turns out, there is a shopaholic in her household – but not who you think.

"David definitely spends much more money than I do," says Victoria, 34. "I don't really go shopping any more."

And that's not her only lifestyle change since moving from London to L.A. last year. Long known to be exercise-averse, the former Posh Spice says she now regularly breaks a sweat.

Fitness Routine

"I run four miles, seven days a week," she says. "I feel energized and healthy – there are really nice gyms here and I just enjoy it. … I do feel so much better."

It's a healthy new habit her sporty Spice-Boy-hubby heartily endorses.

"David puts music on my iPod, and Gordon Ramsay bought me [sneakers] where you have a little chip so you can clock how far you're running," Beckham tells the paper while promoting her new fragrance, Signature.

And she's even taken to eating carb-laden toast for breakfast.

"Yes, I am eating more," she says. "I think you do eat more when you're working out. And you want to eat healthily, so it's good all round."

"I can genuinely say I'm content and happy at the moment," adds Beckham.

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