Lil' Romeo Offers Up Lesson on Life in College

Lil' Romeo Offers Up Lesson on Life in College
Meredith Jenks

09/29/2008 AT 05:30 PM EDT

Rapper Lil' Romeo has only attended college for five weeks, but he's already learned a few lessons about surviving on campus.

"Lock your bike!" says the University of Southern California freshman, 19, who has had three expensive bikes stolen. "Now I just have a little $5 bike that hopefully no one will want."

As for jewelry, "I don't bring anything expensive to the dorms," he says. "I just sleep with my earrings on."

The rapper, who plays basketball as a point guard for the Trojans and plans to major in film production, also reveals a surprising taste in movies. "I love romantic comedies," he says. "[I like] Made of Honor and 27 Dresses. "And I just rented The Notebook!"

And just like any other freshman, Top Roman, cereal and Easy Mac crowd the kitchen counter tops of his dorm.

"I love college life," he says. "It's like a vacation."

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