John Mayer Pays Tribute to Paul Newman

John Mayer Pays Tribute to Paul Newman
Paul Newman (left) and John Mayer
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10/02/2008 AT 08:30 AM EDT

Move over, Kevin Bacon. John Mayer has his own celebrity name game – and Paul Newman is the undisputed champ.

The singer-songwriter recently took to his blog to explain the game and, more importantly, to honor the late screen legend.

"I used to play this game with my friends where we'd try and figure out who the 'heaviest' legend was in terms of having the clout to bump another superstar from a reservation at a packed restaurant on a Saturday night," Mayer wrote. "It starts to get fun when ... [you're] bickering about whether Robert De Niro bumps Bob Dylan, or Springsteen bumps Bono."

But the game "quickly runs out of steam," he noted, "when you realize that nobody can top Paul Newman."

Mayer, who turns 31 in two weeks, signed off with an emphatic salute to the blue-eyed icon: "Nobody will ever be that cool again."
– Pete Norman
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