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"Congratulations to Ellen and Portia, and thank you for showing us what true love is all about"
Atlanta, Ga.

Equality never looked so sweet! Thank you for the fabulous pictures of Ellen and Portia's wedding. The love in their eyes and their beaming smiles say it all. I wish them many years of wedded bliss.
Marilyn Ramos
Palm Desert, Calif.

It is wonderful that Ellen and Portia are able to openly express their love for each other. They certainly are the happiest looking newlyweds I've ever seen.
Juli Wilson
Milwaukee, Wis.

The photos of Ellen and Portia's wedding captured the joy they share. They made this very conservative opponent of gay marriage appreciate true love.
Marnie Pate
Port Aransas, Texas


Seriously? Ellen and Portia's wedding got the cover over Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps? Don't get me wrong: I love Ellen, but weddings happen every day. Breaking a 36-year-old record, setting seven world records and winning a record eight gold medals does not.
Jill W.
Savannah, Ga.


Dr. Phil and his wife doth protest too much. Perhaps they are concerned there might be a grain of truth in the tabloid rumors; witness the John Edwards affair.
Teresa Flanagan
London, Ont.


I applaud Christina Applegate for coming forward with what could be the hardest decision of her life—to have a bilateral mastectomy. In November 2007 I also was diagnosed with cancer in one breast. I was 37 years old and chose to do exactly what Ms. Applegate did. Reading her story reaffirmed my decision; I know I did the right thing for my family and myself, just as Christina did the right thing for hers.
Syosset, N.Y.


Jennifer Aniston really has my sympathy—not only for her recent split from John Mayer, but because all her relationships and breakups are played out in full view. My advice to her would be to stop dating celebrities and look for a nice, normal guy. It worked for Julia Roberts.
Name Withheld
Fairfield, Conn.

Is it just me or does John Mayer seem to break up with his girlfriends as soon as his tours end? Those women deserved better than that.
Tracey Rogers
via e-mail


Clark Rockefeller may very well be a sophisticated con man—a life of deception seems to have served him well. For the sake of his daughter little Reigh, let's hope his game of intrigue is over.
Diane Stierle
Milford, Pa.


After our article about Farm Rescue founder Bill Gross appeared, the 42-year-old UPS pilot—who recruits volunteers to plant and harvest people's farms—received national acclaim. Organizers of the Republican National Convention read about Gross in PEOPLE and invited him to speak in St. Paul, Minn., on Sept. 2. "I was nervous at first," says Gross, who addressed the crowd with a five-minute speech on public service. "But by the time I walked off stage, I thought, 'I'd like to do that again.'" Within minutes, hundreds of e-mails poured into his BlackBerry, singing his praises. The North Dakota native also received nearly $10,000 in donations for his projects. Says reader Beth Wolf of Cedar Rapids, Iowa: "He reinforces the idea that truly good-hearted people are still out there."

In our Sept. 8 issue we incorrectly said the Skyway Bridge was in Tampa, Fla. The bridge runs over Tampa Bay, but is not in Tampa.

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