Tina Fey, Move Over: The REAL Sarah Palin Comes to SNL

Tina Fey, Move Over: The REAL Sarah Palin Comes to SNL
Sarah Palin
Ron Edmonds/AP

10/17/2008 AT 01:00 PM EDT

For weeks, the laugh has been on her. Now, it’s Sarah Palin’s turn.

The Republican vice presidential candidate – and Tina Fey's alter ego – will appear on Saturday Night Live this weekend with guest host Josh Brolin, the McCain-Palin campaign has confirmed.

It’s still hush-hush exactly what Palin will do on the comedy show: Will she partner with Brolin’s wickedly spot-on impersonation of President Bush, as showcased in the actor's new film, W.?

Or, will she stick to sticking it to Fey, whose wickedly spot-on impersonation of Palin has helped shoot the show's ratings skyward.

In an interview with PEOPLE for next week’s issue, it was hard to tell whether the Palins are still laughing along with Fey. When a reporter noted that Fey plays the vice presidential candidate as bubble-headed, Sarah retorted: “That’s funny, I kind of play her bubble-headed, too, when I imitate her.”

Chimes in husband Todd Palin about his wife: “She’s been impersonating Tina Fey longer than Tina Fey’s been doing Sarah Palin."

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