Brooke and Charlie Sheen Are Expecting Twins

Brooke and Charlie Sheen Are Expecting Twins
Brooke Mueller Sheen and Charlie Sheen

10/22/2008 AT 02:40 PM EDT

Brooke and Charlie Sheen are thrilled to be expecting twins, according to her mother.

"Brooke and Charlie are expecting twins, and they are so excited," Moira Fiore, who spent time with Brooke last week, tells PEOPLE. “Obviously, I am floating on air.”

Fiore says that the couple "think the twins are boys" but aren't sure.

"Brooke has had all day morning sickness but is coming to the end of the first trimester so she hopefully will feel better soon," says Fiore of her 31-year-old daughter. "It has been rough for her."

Still, "Brooke looks so beautiful," adds her mom. "She is just glowing."

Sheen, 42, who is already a father to three girls, has expressed interest in having a son. In August, Brooke told PEOPLE she thought they would have a boy. "Odds are it's a boy, but we'll be happy with either sex," she said at the time.

The twins are due in April.

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