Bonnie Hunt Crushes on Brian Williams

Bonnie Hunt Crushes on Brian Williams
From left: Bonnie Hunt, Brian Williams and Elmo

11/07/2008 AT 05:00 PM EST

Bonnie Hunt has a boyfriend ... NBC News anchor Brian Williams.

The crush was first revealed in September, when the TV host welcomed Elmo to The Bonnie Hunt Show, where Elmo let it slip that Hunt had a thing for Williams, who'd recently been on Sesame Street.

The powers-that-be at NBC then informed their flattered (and married) newsman, who wrote about it on his daily blog.

On Monday's show, Hunt reveals that Williams has taken their relationship one step further, having over-nighted to her an "adorable, funny, smart and witty letter."

In it, "her boyfriend," as Hunt refers to Williams, writes that he's upset that she confided in Elmo, "because everyone in the business knows Elmo is a terrible gossip."
Stephen M. Silverman

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