Will Arnett: Baby Is 'Thinking About Smiling'

Will Arnett: Baby Is 'Thinking About Smiling'
Amy Poehler and Will Arnett
Donald Bowers/Getty

11/13/2008 AT 07:10 AM EST

With parents like Amy Poehler and Will Arnett, is it any wonder that baby Archie is already cracking a smile?

"He's loving being a baby right now," the proud papa told PEOPLE Wednesday night, as the American Museum of Moving Images saluted Ben Stiller. "He's thinking about smiling. He's trying to decide if he's ready or not."

It's only a matter of time, predicts SNL costar Bill Hader.

"That kid's got hilarious parents," Hader told PEOPLE, adding that Saturday Night Live star Poehler is "an amazing mom." "That kid is going to be the funniest. We're going to have Archie Arnett being saluted here in about 30 years."

Not that parenthood is all fun and games. Take, for example, midnight diaper changes. There's no comedy there, Arnett said.

"That's very dramatic," he insisted. "I find that to be a very sad process."

And while two-week-old Archie may be a smile prodigy, he's nowhere near talking. "Noises? Not out of the top part," Arnett quipped. "There are a lot of other noises."

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