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"The Anthonys need to stop denying the obvious; their daughter knows what happened to Caylee"
Alison Scofield
via e-mail

Shame on Casey Anthony for not cooperating with police investigating the disappearance of little Caylee. I think she knows what happened to her little girl, and she should come clean. If my 29-year-old daughter were in Casey's situation, I would do all I could to close this case, even if it meant disclosing evidence that would incriminate my child.
Darlene Robison
Rockledge, Fla.

I have two words for anyone who doubts that a young mother is capable of killing her own child if she's convinced the little one is an obstacle to her romantic relationships, real or otherwise: Susan Smith. Enough said.
Nancy Green
Byesville, Ohio

If Casey Anthony did not want her daughter, why did she not give Caylee to her parents, George and Cindy Anthony, or to the little girl's father? Did Casey not realize that many people would have been thrilled to take the child?
Yvonne Killion
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The guys from Rescue Ink can try to look as mean and bad as they want, but I'm not fooled. You can see it in their eyes. They're a bunch of bighearted softies! Big guys with tattoos are definitely hot, but big guys with tattoos who save animals? Now that's sexy.
April Jones
Omaha, Neb.


I want to applaud Tory Bowen for fighting back after Judge Cheuvront decided that in order to protect the rights of the man she accused of sexual assault, Ms. Bowen couldn't say the word "rape" while testifying at the trial. My best friend also testified as a victim against the same man, and she was victimized a second time when the judge silenced her on the stand. Her life was changed forever, but she wasn't even allowed to voice it. So thank you, Tory, and give 'em hell. You are my hero.
Kate Adams
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When Robin Roberts was diagnosed with cancer, I too was being re-diagnosed after 13 years with metastatic disease. Every morning, I'd check in with Robin on Good Morning America and be inspired by her positive attitude as well as her ability to put her illness aside as she continued to work and function. I truly felt like I had a kindred spirit. I agree with Ms. Roberts, who said, "No woe is me." Like Robin, I will continue to be a warrior against this disease. Thanks, Robin, for being a positive role model.
Denise Kent
San Francisco, Calif.


Most readers reacted positively to Maureen McCormick's revelations about her life outside the idealized world of The Brady Bunch. "I grew up in a not very Brady-like household and wanted a family like Marcia's," writes Tracey Budd of Sound Beach, N.Y. "I would pretend to be just like Marcia, only to find out Maureen was doing the same thing." Hopefully, says Carol Anderson of Tampa, Fla., "teens will realize celebrities' lives are not always glamorous." Cyndi Di Leonardo of Hamilton, Ont., gives kudos to McCormick for bravely telling her often difficult story. "It took courage to overcome those demons and announce it publicly. She is an inspiration to many."

In our Oct. 27 issue, we should have said actress Kimberly Williams and country singer Brad Paisley were married in 2003. And in our Oct. 20 issue, we incorrectly reported that at Howard Stern and Beth Ostrosky's wedding, Dixie Chick Natalie Maines performed a song she had written for the couple. The song Maines sang was written by Stern fan Lonnie Heckman.

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