Prince Harry Is Now Chopper Ready

Prince Harry Is Now Chopper Ready
Prince Harry
Luke MacGregor /Reuters/ Landov

12/11/2008 AT 12:00 PM EST

Princes William and Harry can soon compare notes on more than just the protocols of royal life as they both embark on helicopter pilot training next year.

Harry, 24, has passed the evaluation to enable him to train for possibly flying attack helicopters. In January, he will start the 2½-year course with the Army Air Corps.

The move will find him joining older brother William, 26, in the skies above the U.K., with William also set for training with the Royal Air Force's search and rescue squad next month.

The first part of Harry's Army Pilot's Course will last approximately until spring 2010. Only then will he be able to attempt specific aircraft like Gazelle, Lynx or Apache.
Simon Perry

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