Britney Spears Loves Japan for Its Tiny Cars

Britney Spears Loves Japan for Its Tiny Cars
Britney shows interest in tiny cars last summer

12/16/2008 AT 07:40 AM EST

The Britney Spears comeback express shows no signs of slowing down.

The singer recently took her three-ring Circus on the road to Japan, where she performed her now familiar routine on Hey! Hey! Hey!.

"I love Japan!" she said in a message posted on her Web site. "I think all the tiny cars are so cute!"

The singer, 27, also made time to play tourist, sampling local delicacies at an authentic Japanese restaurant with her dad Jamie and manager Larry Rudolph. (Spears posted a video of their culinary adventures.)

She also visited the country's oldest Buddhist temple, gushing, "It was so beautiful."

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