Barack Obama Snacks on Hawaiian Spam Sushi

Barack Obama Snacks on Hawaiian Spam Sushi
Barack Obama

12/22/2008 AT 04:00 PM EST

President-elect Barack Obama is spending the Christmas holiday Hawaii – relaxing in the sun, playing golf and eating Spam.

On Sunday afternoon, while playing golf with friends at Oahu's Olomana Golf Links, Obama, 47, who grew up on the island, stopped at a snack bar and bought two hot dogs, soft drinks and two orders of a local luncheon specialty called spam musubi – Spam and a fried egg on a bed of rice, held together with a strip of dried seaweed, according to reporters covering his trip.

The snack bar clerk later told The New York Time's Jeff Zeleny the president-elect's tab came to $17.75.

Asked how his game was going, Obama answered with a smile, "I'm not that good." He also invited reporters to order a beer and put it on his tab, but none took him up on the offer.
Barack Obama Snacks on Hawaiian Spam Sushi| Barack Obama

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