POLL: Which Actor Makes the Best Lady?

POLL: Which Actor Makes the Best Lady?
From top left: Patrick Swayze, Dustin Hoffman, Johnny Depp, Tyler Perry and Jude Law (center)
Everett(4); Courtesy Sallypotter.com

02/04/2009 AT 04:05 PM EST

From Tyler Perry's popular Madea franchise to Dustin Hoffman's iconic (and Academy Award-nominated) drag performance in Tootsie, many leading men have happily donned a dress for a role.

Now, Jude Law joins the ranks. The Brit will play Minx, a "celebrity supermodel" in Sally Potter's new film, Rage, which will premiere at the Berlin Film Festival this month.

Before the film hits festivals and, eventually, theaters, tell us which star you think looks better in drag:

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