Picks and Pans Review: Oscar Nominees' Other Great Movies

updated 02/09/2009 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 02/09/2009 AT 01:00 AM EST


• Most of this year's Oscar-nominated movies are still in theaters, but you can bone up for Feb. 22's Academy Awards from the comfort of your sofa with these DVDs.

THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA (2006) You get a twofer with this wickedly funny comedy: Best Actress nominees Anne Hathaway (left) and Meryl Streep costar, respectively playing a lowly assistant at a fashion mag and her ruthless boss.

FIGHT CLUB (1999) Brad Pitt (center) and director David Fincher, both nominated for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, last teamed up for this disturbingly dark drama about a man determined to explore his aggressive tendencies.

CASANOVA (2005) Why this playful look at history's greatest lover, portrayed with winning panache by the late Heath Ledger (left), wasn't a hit is a mystery. His frolicsome performance is the polar opposite of his scary, Best Supporting Actor nominated turn in The Dark Knight, underscoring his range and our loss.

DINER (1982) Best Actor nominee Mickey Rourke (second from left) became a breakout star thanks to this nostalgic comedy about pals (including Kevin Bacon, Daniel Stern and Tim Daly) nearing adulthood in Baltimore in 1959.

MILLIONS (2004) Adorable kids? Check. Lots of cash? Check. Before Slumdog Millionaire, Best Director nominee Danny Boyle made this charming comic fable about young English brothers who find a bag stuffed with money.

HEAVENLY CREATURES (1994) Best Actress contender Kate Winslet (left, at right) made her unforgettable movie debut playing a chillingly murderous teen in a true-life tale set in 1950s New Zealand. Talented Peter Jackson, still pre-Lord of the Rings then, directed.

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