Jimmy Fallon Is Ready for Late Night

Jimmy Fallon Is Ready for Late Night
Jimmy Fallon
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02/19/2009 AT 05:30 PM EST

Jimmy Fallon already has two test shows under his belt and is eager to take over NBC's Late Night from current host Conan O'Brien on March 2.

"I'm anxious and excited and ready to have fun," Fallon told reporters Thursday. "I'm ready to go on tomorrow night – if NBC needs me, I'm ready!"

Asked what will separate his show from the competition, he says, "We're younger, we're into, like, tech stuff, gadgets, phones, video games. We'll treat a video-game premiere like a movie premiere. I'm just going to be honest with what I do, what I enjoy."

Paying attention to the modern audience, he says, "We're not going to hide the fact that people are on the Internet all day. Most kids come home from school, they don't go to their TVs first – they go to the Internet. Other people are at work all day in front of a computer. And I like that. So we're going to try to be as interactive as possible." Fallon and his team are already blogging and using social networking service like Facebook and Twitter to keep fans in the loop.

Jumping Into the Fire

Fans have already heard who Jimmy's first guest will be: legendary actor Robert DeNiro.

"DeNiro was my first choice. I think he's quintessential New York. I love him. I worked with him once on Saturday Night Live, and a couple things here and there," says Fallon. "He also comes off as a tough interview, and I thought it would be kind of good to have my first guy be probably one of the toughest people you could interview. Jump into the fire. It might be terrible. It might be awful. But I'm excited."

In the final days before the premiere, Fallon will continue filming test shows with volunteer guests – including Rosie O'Donnell, he revealed during the conference call.

Plus, he's getting help with his interview skills from another showbiz expert: His wife, film producer Nancy Juvonen. "Every morning I sit my wife to the right of me and ask what she's going to do that day. Then we run a clip, and we go to commercial," he deadpanned.

So who's his dream guest? "I'd love to talk to the Queen of England," says Fallon. "I'd love to pick her brain and tell her how much I love her. I think she's super cool."

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