Gloria Estefan Could Have Been a Spy

Gloria Estefan Could Have Been a Spy
Gloria Estefan
Orlando Garcia/JPI

03/04/2009 AT 02:00 PM EST

Had fate worked differently for Gloria Estefan, today the Cuban singer would be working as a spy. Thanks to her ability with languages, when she was younger the CIA asked her to work for them, reports People En Español.

"They realized that I was someone who could pass as a regular person without raising any eyebrow. So the CIA approached me and wanted me to train in their Atlanta headquarters," the singer, 52, said on the Telemundo Al rojo vivo with MarÍa Celeste Arrarás show.

The offer came when Estefan worked as an interpreter at the Miami International Airport Customs Department. Besides Spanish and English, the singer is fluent in French.

But it was her mother who convinced Estefan not even to entertain the idea, because she had suffered enough seeing her husband work as a bodyguard for Cuban dictator-president Fulgencio Batista, which led to his imprisonment at the Bay of Pigs invasion.

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