Picks and Pans Review: How to ... Make the Most of Your Mane

updated 03/16/2009 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 03/16/2009 AT 01:00 AM EDT

>• Good to Great Hair author Robert Vetica, who's styled Naomi Watts and coiffed Debra Messing for this year's Oscar fetes, shares affordable ideas to help your hair shine like the stars':

1 SUDS UP, BUT NOT DAILY Ad agencies want you to believe you need to wash your hair every day, but it can make hair brittle and lose its natural oils. It's not good to be "squeaky clean"!

2 TRY SEMI-PERM DYE, matched to your own color. It's a nice way to brighten your look, and it will fluff up thin hair.

3 GO GLAM WITH A SIMPLE PONYTAIL If it's low, it's more elegant. Twist a section around the base and pin it with bobby pins. Boom, you're done.

4 AND FOR MERMAIDS ... It's really important not to enter chlorine or the sea with dry hair. Wet it first, or even better, use a leave-in conditioner. Dry hair is vulnerable. If you're blonde, it can turn green!

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