Ben Affleck: How Violet Learned to Swear in German

04/03/2009 AT 02:00 PM EDT

Ben Affleck recently found himself in deep when quality time with daughter Violet turned into an introduction to swearing.

The actor and director, 36, took his 3-year-old to lunch at a "reasonably full" Mexican restaurant, Affleck tells Jay Leno, where he unfortunately spilled their entire meal. And, as the mess – including Diet Coke and water – came rushing at him, he caught himself shouting "sh--."

Like a stuntman righting a car, he stopped himself from swearing and instead yelled the German term "scheisse."

"Why I came up with that word, i don't know I have not even been to Germany, but guess that's a German swear word in my subconscious," he says.

Violet, of course, wanted to know what it meant. "It's just a bad word, and we don't say that," Affleck explained.

Wrong answer, dad! That just made her want to say it, repeat it and shout it over and over. Check out Affleck's chair-jumping impersonation of her in the clip!

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