Zac Efron's Embarrassing Funny or Die Debut

04/08/2009 AT 09:55 AM EDT

What happens when white trash relatives crash a Hollywood pool party? For Zac Efron, nothing but embarrassing outbursts, awkward requests, and, yes, poop in the hot tub.

Vanessa Hudgens, Nicole Richie and Joel Madden, Carmen Electra, Lance Bass, Brody Jenner, Jessica Stroup, Brittany Snow and Queen Latifah are among the stars who join Efron in a wacky Funny or Die video that debuted Wednesday. "A lot of people did it because they want to hang out with Zac," 17 Again producer Adam Shankman, who co-directed the clip, tells PEOPLE. "It is the craziest group of people."

In the video, Efron's "Uncle Hank" (Tom Lennon) tells him he "smells like waffles," Bass proudly shares that he has been able to "not Google himself" for over a week, and Madden starts talking marriage with Richie – watch the clip to see how that turns out!

Some of Shankman's favorite moments: "Nicole Sullivan (as Hank's girlfriend Randi) sitting over a waterfall in a pool thinking that her water burst – because she's pregnant. Justin Long drinking beer underwater and eating hot dogs (a.k.a. the poop) while we were shooting with under water cameras," he says. "And then just this strangeness of all these people sitting around my house at 10 in the morning. It was all on the fly and really fun."

Even though Efron was the star, he didn't act like a big shot, adds Shankman. "[Zac] was blown away that we could put it together and he was really, deeply grateful. If you want to know what kind of people Zac and Vanessa [Hudgens] are ... I turned around and Vanessa was taking out the garbage and Zac was doing the dishes. They have no entitlement issues, it's all for one and one for all. Nothing is taken for granted."

What inspired Shankman to make the video? "The media forces us to take our lives so serious but we know we're not curing cancer so we might as well make people laugh, we're entertainers," he explains. "It's cool because everyone knows we're not getting paid, so there are no egos."

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