The Jonas Brothers Reveal Surprises About Themselves

04/07/2009 AT 05:55 PM EDT

Shocking celebrity confession alert! "He's adopted," jokes Kevin Jonas as to why his brother Nick lacks the famous "Jonas eyebrows."

Letting their guards down, the Jonas Brothers rib each other aboard a plane in a video from the new AT&T and MTV interactive campaign, Unlock the Vault, which will unveil previously unseen clips from MTV, VH1 and CMT.

In this exclusive clip, the brothers playfully share something that would "surprise" their fans about each of them.

"People would be surprised to know that I can do some pretty amazing tricks with pretzels," says a dry-witted Joe, who later catches a pretzel in his mouth after it's tossed in the air.

"I have a giant scar in the back of my head," confesses Kevin, pointing to Joe. "This kid's fault ... eight staples later. We were Ultimate Fighting."

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