Ashton vs. CNN: It's a Twitter War!

04/15/2009 AT 03:30 PM EDT

This is no Punk'd prank: Ashton Kutcher has vowed to take down CNN one tweet at a time. In a new YouTube video, the actor rallies Twitter Nation to help him get 1 million followers before CNN Breaking News.

"If I beat CNN to a million followers, I will literally go and ding-dong-ditch Ted Turner's house while I'm in Atlanta," announced Kutcher, who then promised to video tape the prank in which he'll go up to Turner's front doorstep, leave one million of one object, ring the doorbell and run away.

On, a site that ranks who has the most followers on Twitter, Kutcher (Twitter alias: @aplusk) lands in third place – only about 50,000 followers behind the No. 1 CNN Breaking News (@cnnbrk). (Britney Spears @britneyspears is No. 2)

The news "knocked my socks off," Kutcher says in the video. "That's just crazy."

In response, CNN's Larry King posted a video taunting Kutcher. "Are you putting me on? Are you kidding? Do you know how big a network we are? Do you know what CNN is? Kutcher, you're playing out of your field. You're in another time zone. This ain't gonna work. CNN will bury you."

He then points out that Turner no longer runs the network and warns, "If you ring his bell, there's a strong possibility he'll send some bison to your house."

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