VIDEO: Fiancée Visits Craigslist Killer Suspect in Jail

04/30/2009 AT 08:50 AM EDT

As police continue to search for other possible victims of suspected Craigslist Killer Philip Markoff, his fiancée, Megan McAllister, visited him face-to-face at Boston's Nashua Street Jail on Wednesday.

Arriving at the facility with her mother and attorney, Robert Honecker, McAllister saw Markoff for the first time since his April 20 arrest on charges that he murdered masseuse Julissa Brisman on April 14 and robbed another woman at a Boston hotel.

McAllister, 25, and Markoff, 23, spoke privately for 25 minutes, in what attorney Honecker described as a "candid, frank discussion." While McAllister remains supportive of Markoff (the couple had been together for four years), Honecker said afterward that the young woman intends to move on with her life.

Speaking on Thursday's Today show, Honecker termed his client's meeting with Markoff as "obviously an emotional time for her."

As for what it yielded, "At the end of that conversation," Honecker said, "there was a realization that he has some difficult days ahead with the serious charges he's had leveled against him, and she's going to begin to look at her life and move on in regard to the fact she has things to accomplish."

Having issued a statement of support on Monday McAllister, says her lawyer, "still remains supportive of Phil Markoff, but there are things she has to do with her life day to day and, I think [moving on] will make her a stronger and better person."

Honecker said that when it comes to Markoff, McAllister still "believes he is innocent" and "not the man portrayed in the media."

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