Katy Perry Dishes on Her Vegas Wedding

Katy Perry Dishes on Her Vegas Wedding
Katy Perry
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05/06/2009 AT 12:25 PM EDT

In Katy Perry's new single, "Waking Up in Vegas," she sings about getting into trouble in Sin City – something she knows about from experience.

Three years ago, the pop star, 24, went to Las Vegas with a boyfriend and decided to get "fake married," she tells PopEater.com. "We took all the pictures with the minister, with the fake cake, in the fake chapel and got a fake marriage certificate. We went and bought a wedding dress and a suit at a thrift store, and scanned the pictures and the certificate to my family members, my manager at the time [and] totally freaked the s--- out of them."

Perry, who was recently spotted with ex-boyfriend Travis McCoy, does hope to actually settle down in the future.

"I plan on having a family one day and maybe not keeping up with all of the glamour," says the fashion-minded singer, who is enjoying her new role as a style icon. "It's nice to show up at my shows and then see the girls in the front row having their hair cut like mine or having the little embellishments in their hair."

But don't expect her to join the list of stars-turned-fashion designers anytime soon. "I want people to really know me, first and foremost, as a musician," she says.

She'd especially like to improve her guitar skills – and be able to make John Mayer-style "O" faces when she rocks out. "Oh, I think it's sexy," she says of his often-mocked expressions. "Why would he try to get rid of something that's just so cool?"

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