POLL: Who Pulled Off Their Pink Wig Best?

POLL: Who Pulled Off Their Pink Wig Best?
Cousart-Rios/JFX; Flynet

05/11/2009 AT 03:50 PM EDT

Remember when Britney Spears's favorite accessory wasn't a cute clutch or chummy Chihuahua, but an attention-grabbing hot pink bob?

Well it seems Jamie Lee Curtis has resurrected the pop star's infamous wig, donning a similar shag at the 2009 Noche de Ninos Gala in Beverly Hills on Saturday.

Although Spears was going through a reported identity crisis (even adopting a British accent to accompany her electric locks in 2007), Curtis said her wiggy ways were in honor of a young cancer patient who wore the same pink bob to call attention to her disease.

So who do you think pulled off their pink wig best?

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