Justin Long: I'm a Fully Compatible Boyfriend

Justin Long: I'm a Fully Compatible Boyfriend
Drew Barrymore and Justin Long
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05/20/2009 AT 09:50 AM EDT

In matters of the heart, it turns out that Justin Long is neither a Mac nor a PC – he's PDG.

"I hate to brag, but I'm pretty damn good," Long tells PEOPLE, "in terms of loyalty and just being there."

Not that he's perfect. "I have a time-management problem that's not very appealing for girls," he says. "I'm not very good with that – I'd say that's definitely a flaw that I'm trying to work on."

And his biggest flaw? "I'm too good a lover," he laughed.

Long, 30, the Mac Guy from the Mac vs. PC commercials who appears in the upcoming horror/comedy flick Drag Me to Hell, has recently been seen again with off-and-on girlfriend Drew Barrymore. Keeping such famous company has made him a paparazzi magnet, and Long admits that handling his increased personal and professional profile is still a learning experience.

"It's created a surreality to my life that I wasn't prepared for," he says. "I'm still trying to figure it out and deal with it and know where to put it in my life."

Having friends who've lived life in the public eye has made it easier to adjust, and not be overly guarded about letting others into his life. "I was fortunate to be close to people who had dealt with it on a much bigger level," he explains. "I have very close friends and I'm close with my family, so I know what it is to trust someone and to allow people in. That's remained more intact. If anything I've gone the other way with it. I've seen this happen to people, I've seen people become corrupted by it, and I know the pitfalls and I'm wary of them."

He also has his Connecticut-based family to keep him grounded when they catch him complaining about the price of fame. "They're like 'Shut up. You're doing really well and you're doing what you love to do, and we're playing Monopoly right now in our living room, so let's leave the Hollywood talk for some other time,'" he says. "It's just something that I'm trying to navigate and it's not the end of the world."

Another reality check came when, even though Long's actress mother worked regularly in commercials, he briefly worried about how signing on to do Apple's now-famous ads might affect his acting career.

"I made the mistake of vocalizing it to a friend," he remembered. "I was like 'Do you think people would lose respect or I'd be a commercial guy or I'd be selling out in any way?' And I'll never forget, my friend who I love goes 'No offense, dude, but what are you selling out? Herbie Fully Loaded? You're not Johnny Depp, all right? So take it easy.' And you need those moments that bring you down to earth."

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