Cam Gigandet Takes On Twilight Fan-pires

05/21/2009 AT 12:45 PM EDT

Cam Gigandet showed off a buff bod as baddie vampire James in Twilight, but is he fit enough to take down the supernatural saga's fiercest fans?

In a new video, Gigandet tries to inconspicuously jog past a pack of teen girls at a Twilight book club, but finds himself cornered and confronted for his character's attack on heartthrob Edward Cullen (portrayed by Robert Pattinson in the film).

"Look, I understand that you guys like Twilight okay, but it's just a movie. I mean I'm not really a vampire, so please, just leave me alone."

When the Twilighters refuse to back down, Gigandet is forced to pull out all the punches. Literally.

After a girl decks the actor in the face "for Edward!", the 2008 MTV Movie Awards winner for best fight breaks out the skills that won him a nomination again this year, pummeling the group of girls in a bloody fight that includes biting and missing teeth.

Afterwards, a triumphant Gigandet surveys the damage he's done and gloats, "I tried to tell you. They don't give 'Best Fight MTV Movie Awards' to just anybody."

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