Bradley Cooper Says He's 'Not Even Funny'

Bradley Cooper Says He's 'Not Even Funny'

05/28/2009 AT 02:10 PM EDT

Bradley Cooper is used to making people laugh in comedies like The Wedding Crashers, Yes Man and the upcoming The Hangover, but he claims that humor is not his forte.

"I'm not even funny at all," Cooper tells Details in its June/July issue. "That's what's so ironic."

Despite his comedic deficiencies, Cooper finds himself steadily working; besides Hangover, he has completed three films to be released later this year. One thing he doesn't have: fans and paparazzi watching his every move. Cooper says that he is never recognized when he goes out. I don't have to curtail my life at all," he says. "Zero. Zero. Zero."

And if he had his way, he'd become even more unrecognizable. In the videotaped interview, he says that he would consider going under the knife. "First, I'd just suck in my abs," he says. "I'd throw about three or four inches on either side of the shoulders. And I'd get a really big jaw. And thick, curly black hair."

Cooper also tells the magazine that he had a knack for showbiz from an early age. "When I was a kid, I would fake-fight all the time," he says. "I was really good at sound effects. That's the reason why I thought I could be effective in this business."

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