VIDEO: Rich Stars Tell You How to Save Money

VIDEO: Rich Stars Tell You How to Save Money
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05/29/2009 AT 04:15 PM EDT

Will Smith made $80 million last year, according to Forbes. The Jonas Brothers grossed over $62 million on tour in 2008. And Seth Green owns his own production company.

With agents and business managers controlling their finances, what do these wealthy stars know about making car payments?

Tonight, ABC is airing a special, Un-Broke: What You Need to Know About Money (9 p.m., ET), in which stars like Smith, Samuel L. Jackson, Rosario Dawson and (for some reason) Oscar the Grouch – among others – team up to answer questions about home foreclosures, 401(k)s and avoiding credit card debt. Using skits worthy of Saturday Night Live and, these millionaires hope to address serious economic issues and inform viewers.

In one sketch, Marisa Tomei is at a speed-dating event, looking for the perfect guy. Her only criteria: he must have enough in the bank for a six-month emergency fund. In another, Seth Green does a Cribs-like tour of his two-bedroom house, and shows off his dented car.

(Watch a clip.)

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